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Friday, 03 January 2020 09:39

Chiang Mai Design Week: POP MARKET | Chiang Mai

»   Held in Chiang Mai on 12 to 15 December 2019

»  Pop Market showcases creative products, foods, and arts from young and talented artits


Hey it's December again, and Chiang Mai offers great experience for the free-spirited souls out there. Not to forget, it is a wonderful destination for families too.
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From the organizer's website, Chiang Mai Design Week is: "..an annual festival jointly held by creators from different industries, established and upcoming designers, craftspeople, artists and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai to present design innovations or new projects that cater to the needs of modern living. It also provides a conversation space where people can get together and share design knowledge as local and international designers and creators are invited to celebrate the creative culture and the potential of design. Moreover, the event will help build collaboration networks and expand local and international business opportunities, which lead to a better working environment for creators and entrepreneurs in creative industries. The festival, however, reaches beyond designers and creative professionals. It also focuses on creating shared experience with design works among the younger generation, local communities, tourists and anyone interested in design through various activities such as exhibitions, large-scale installations, arts and music." (source: https://chiangmaidesignweek.com/en/about)

We are lucky to be able to cover a single day of the week at POP Market which was held at TCDC Chiang Mai. Enjoy the video.


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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 12:51

Loy Krathong 2019 Getaway: Chiang Mai

» 151 flights from and to Chiang Mai were postponed or cancelled during the nights of lantern release.

» Approximately more than 9,000 lanterns launched during Loy Krathong festival

» Places to be during the festival: Thapae Gate, Thapae Road, and Chiang Mai municipality.


Many provinces in Thailand were holding their Loy Krathong events, but the image of thousands of lanterns on the sky above should be your first impression that attracts you to visit Chiang Mai during this period.

Every year there will be vehicles decorated in flowers or any other Lanna sculptures, including this 2019's festival. It started on the 11th afternoon until the night of 12th November. They are fun to see, from Thapae Gate, along Thapae Road (that is where Shiraz Jewelry is!) to the Chiang Mai municipality.

People also started lighting candles around the moat and Old City from 10 to 12 November 2019. Here is our coverage on the 2019 Yi Peng and Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai:


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» Global awareness changes individual lifestyle to combat climate change.

» Currently global investment in renewable energy is twice the investment in fossil fuels.

» Coal consumption - the dirtiest fossil fuel - has dropped significantly, in places like China and England.

» Electric vehicle sales are rising rapidly all over the world.

» Worldwide movement in giving up investment in fossil fuels, is gaining momentum.


Yes, good news about climate change and our environment does exist. We often don't hear about it among the news about catastrophic storms, floods and drought, species extinction, ice melting, and so many other more.

In Chiang Mai, hundreds of people have gathered to join a march on 27 September 2019 as part of the Global Climate Strike 2019. This is an initiative of various NGOs, schools, and communities in an effort "to secure a better future and avert the worst of the climate crisis" (globalclimatestrike.net).

A big part of that global rise in consciousness has occurred because of the creative, concerted and unified campaign of communities all over the world. Scientists, students, global faith communities, corporates, even some smallest neighborhood group in rural areas are now committed in making their environment better trough various movements.

The basic question we all must ask ourselves regarding humankind:

The time has come when those who preach the dogmas of materialism, whether of the east or the west, whether of capitalism or socialism, must give account of the moral stewardship they have presumed to exercise. Where is the “new world” promised by these ideologies? Where is the international peace to whose ideals they proclaim their devotion? Where are the breakthroughs into new realms of cultural achievement produced by the aggrandizement of this race, of that nation or of a particular class? Why is the vast majority of the world’s peoples sinking ever deeper into hunger and wretchedness when wealth on a scale undreamed of by the Pharaohs, the Caesars, or even the imperialist powers of the nineteenth century is at the disposal of the present arbiters of human affairs?

And Shiraz Jewelry team has joyfully joined and continues to enthusiastically support these groundbreaking efforts to reduce climate change, and encourages individuals and groups of all kinds to add their voices and efforts to this important cause. Please join us!


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Sunday, 25 August 2019 09:14

Nat Wat Home Cafe | Around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the mountaineous region of Northern Thailand. It is rich in culture everywhere you go. But while on the trip to Chiang Mai and you're feeling hungry, don't miss this the opportunity to visit Nat Wat Home Cafe.

Located on 330/2 Charoenrat Road, Watket district of Chiang Mai, this cafe offers great value for money. Our team members have personally visited the cafe few times, and we love the food and the coffee. It's mixture of modern and loft style with nice and spacious airy space around. If you decided to go there, the best way is to take any ride-sharing app like Grab.

 A review from TripAdvisor user, mrt103 :

Best western breakfast in town. Really inventive breakfast menu with amazing presentation and attention to detail. The chef has a really good grasp of western cuisine and what flavours work well together.

Here is a video to visualize our experience at Nat Wat Home Cafe.

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